Valentines Basket For Kids

Celebrating holidays and the little moments in life is one of my favorite things in the world, especially with my kids. A couple years ago, I jumped on the “love basket” trend and started creating a special valentines basket that my children would receive on February 1st. I keep them very simple and practical, but it’s still fun to kick off the month of love with these valentines baskets.

Collage photo with ideas for valentines baskets with sunglasses, heart pajamas, hair clips, heart themed crafts, playdoh, and books.
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Here are a few ideas for your love baskets, including ideas if you like to use the want, need, wear, read gifting formula.


For these love baskets, I keep the “want” gift pretty simple. Something like a small toy, ball, playdoh, or craft to do together. You can find so many great little gifties that are pink, red, heart, or valentine themed to fit the bill. Never underestimate your local dollar store or the dollar section at Target for this!


Something to need at Valentines day in our house would be gifts like chalk for playing outside, a new cup or snack container, socks, undies, or hairties. “Need” is a strong word for this category but the idea with this particular gift is that it’s really practical and useful for our family at that time.


I love giving my kids a cute Valentine shirt, dress or jammies that can be worn during February. Especially now that my daughter goes to school, she likes to dress in festive clothes around the holidays. And holiday themed pjs are always a hit!


Our Valentines baskets always include a new book for my kids. We have a book basket in our living room that I change out seasonally, so a new seasonal book for the holidays is always a must for me. If you need Valentine book ideas, check out my Valentine book collection!

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