Favorite Holiday Traditions

  • Cut down or buy a fresh Christmas tree. We get a fresh tree from the same lot every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving!

  • St. Nick’s Day presents.

  • Cookie exchange with friends or family. My mother-in-law’s family does a huge cookie exchange every December with all the women in the family and it’s super fun (and yummy)!

  • Read a chapter of Luke each night of December. There are 24 chapters, so if you start on December 1st, you’ll be finished on Christmas Eve and will have read the entire account of Christ’s life by Christmas.

  • Look at Christmas lights. I think this is on a lot of people’s lists and is definitely something we do every year.

  • Open one present on Christmas Eve. Lots of you shared you do a gift on Christmas Eve and many said it’s new pjs or a book, which I love.

  • Christmas movie marathon.

  • Ornament exchange with close friends or co-workers.

  • Going to see Santa. We always make a whole night out of this, including dinner together, and it’s tradition that we go to the REAL Santa in town… at Plaza Frontenac if you’re local and don’t know!

  • Read the Christmas story from the Bible. A few of yall said you do this on Christmas Eve and a couple mentioned you read through the story on Christmas morning before opening gifts.

  • New Christmas book under tree for the month of December. I wrote about this a little more eloquently here, but basically you have 25 holiday/Christmas themed books wrapped under the tree and each night in December leading up to Christmas you open one up. This is a great idea for those of yall with young kids. I think we’ll start this with Kennedy next year!

  • Matching pajamas for the family.

  • Special bottle of wine. This is one of ours that I originally shared in this post. For our first married Christmas, Michael gave me a bottle of nice wine that we opened Christmas night and then continue to drink throughout the year for special occasions.

  • Each child in the family gets a miniature tree of their own with a new ornament to add to it every year.

  • Special breakfast on Christmas morning. We do this for Thanksgiving and Christmas and it’s chocolate chip pancakes in our house!

  • Gingerbread house and/or cookie decorating.

  • Opening presents one at a time on Christmas morning. Choose an order to start (like the youngest in the family) and go around opening one present at a time.

  • Giving back/volunteering – ideas like adopting a family for Christmas, working at a soup kitchen or shelter in your area, Operation Christmas Child, etc.

  • Favorite Things party. I’m throwing this in because I hosted and then attended two Favorite Things parties in the last couple of months and they were both so fun and would make for a blast to do with your girlfriends around the holidays. I think my friends and I are going to do another for Galentines!

Want even more ideas? Check out this post right here.

I’d love to hear if you do any of these things or if you have any more fun ideas. Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite tradition is!

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