Party Favors Kids Actually Want

When it comes to throwing a party, having a great theme, and delicious food, you might also think of party favors. This is particularly true at kids birthday parties and honestly, most of the time party favors are tiny trinkets, candies, and little items that won’t last you very long. This post is going to give you some ideas for clever, affordable, and fun party favors that kids will actually want.

animal party favors set up in a little basket with sign that reads "adopt an animal"
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Why Party Favors?

Personally, I think party favors are a fun takeaway to remember a party or event by. If they’re on theme and something memorable it can make for a perfect way to end a party. From experience, it’s also a great way to get your kids moving towards the door if you have something to entice them by. Just being honest!

Are party favors necessary? Absolutely not. Do I like to include them? Yes, especially at kid birthday parties. It’s obviously just for fun but if you can swing it, it’s a nice detail to include in your party planning.

What Makes a Good Favor?

A good party favor can be a lot of things. Favors that won’t immediately end up in the trash and avoiding things that fall apart on the way home are always a win in my book. Bonus points if you come up with a clever party favor that goes along well with the theme of your party.

Two things you’ll never receive as a party favor from my house: glitter or play-doh. I mean no hate but to me, glitter is the bane of craft supplies and play-doh is just a take it or leave it thing in most homes. I don’t ever want to be the cause for a huge mess on the way home from one of our gatherings!

airplane party favors with large airplane gliders and mini cotton candy tubs

Creative Party Favor Ideas

Flower Crowns

Perfect for:

  • Fairy party
  • Princess party
  • Encanto party
  • Springtime birthday
  • Floral themed party

Airplane Gliders

Perfect for:

  • Airplane party
  • Vehicles party
  • “Time Flies” theme
  • Little boys in general

Stuffed Animal

Perfect for:

  • Zoo party
  • Safari party
  • “Two Wild” theme
  • Firefighter party (little dalmatians would be adorable!)
  • “Party Animals” theme
  • Dinosaur party
  • Puppy Pawty” theme


Perfect for:

  • Spring or summer birthday
  • “(Name) Fest” theme
  • “Two Groovy” theme
  • Retro party
  • 70s theme
  • Sunshine theme
  • Pool party



Perfect for:

Succulent or Small Flower Pot

Perfect for:

  • “Flower Power” theme
  • Spring or summer birthday
  • Garden party
  • Tea party
  • Fiesta theme
  • “Fairy Garden” theme
  • Daisy 1st Birthday

Water Wow Pad

Perfect for:

  • “Under the Sea” theme
  • Boat or lake party
  • Ocean theme
  • Waterslide party
  • Pool party
  • “Splish Splash Birthday Bash” theme
  • Kick off to summer party
decorated cookies for a 70s themed party that look like colorful sunglasses, daisy flowers, disco balls, and the number "3"

Fancy Cookie

Perfect for:

  • Truly any party or event! Find someone local who makes beautiful cookies that can match your theme, colors, location, etc. Have them pre-wrapped or sitting next to mini craft paper bags. A perfect treat to take home for anyone!


Perfect for:

  • Fishing theme
  • Wilderness/outdoor party
  • Camping party
  • Laser tag party
  • “Adventure Awaits” theme

Princess Chapstick

Perfect for:

  • Princess party
  • “Once Upon a Time” theme
  • Disney party
  • “Beauty Shop” theme
  • “Royal Ball” theme
  • Dress up party


Party favors can be fun, affordable, and appreciated by your guests. Next time you’re hosting a party or event and you’re trying to decide on whether or not you should include a favor of some sort, think outside the box. Get creative with your ideas and make your party favors really count. Give your guests party favors they’ll actually want.

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