Create a Greeting Card and Stationery Box

There are plenty of ways you can organize your cards, but I prefer to keep them in a box together for easy access in my home office. I use a pretty white gift box that is super durable, but you could use anything from another special box to a filing drawer or card keeper like this one.


  • A good box or some sort of storage container
  • Variety of cards and/or stationery
  • Envelopes
  • Pens (optional)
  • Stamps (optional)


I like to have various cards for different occasions, holidays, and celebrations. I’ve accumulated my card collection over time and add to my stash little by little. Some of my favorite places to shop for greeting and occasion cards:

  • Target dollar spot
  • Dollar Store
  • Boutiques
  • Home Goods
  • Other home decor stores


For stationery, I have two plain sets that I love and use often. One is from Paper Source, which is one of my favorite paper goods shops. I use the A2 Paper Bag Folded Cards and Envelopes. The other set I have is similar to this one, which is a bit more colorful and fun. I love the muted pastels and love that there are different shades to choose from.

I really enjoy having both greeting cards and plain stationery in my card box. It gives me lots of options when it comes time to give someone a card or note.

variety of greeting cards for a home card box


Once you’ve got your container and cards, you’ll want to designate an easy way to categorize the cards, so that you’re not having to shuffle through the whole stack each time you’re pulling a card out.

These are the categories I use for my own personal card stash:

  • Birthday

  • Congratulations

  • Hello (general)

  • Holiday

  • Thank you

  • Everyday stationery

Depending on where you set up your greeting card box, you may want to put a couple fun pens and some stamps either in the same box or somewhere close. My card box lives in my office, which is on our main floor, so it’s easily accessible.

That’s it! This idea is so simple but I really think it’s a fun one and will maybe even help you get into a better habit of writing and sending handwritten notes, thank yous, birthday cards, etc in the mail. Who doesn’t love getting mail, right?!

The main takeaways are to designate an area by creating a container of some sort and slowly accumulating more supplies. I will randomly pick up a couple cards every now and then and just add them to my box, so don’t feel like you need to go out and buy fifty greeting cards right now for this to work.


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white kitchen counters with letterboard and tiered tray with candle and pink flowers. Open drawer with pens, notepads, and other similar items.

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