Creating Your Very Own Smores Station at Home

Woman standing with white basket full of smores ingredients in her kitchen.
Smores ingredients of chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows in a white basket on top of kitchen counter.

This project of creating your own smores station at home is a super fun idea that is SO easy to pull off and perfect for summertime. It’s a great activity for a low-key gathering or a tasty dessert just because.

Putting together a smores station with all the essentials is a great way to be able to grab what you need and head outside. It is SO convenient and is much easier than lugging everything out on its own from inside the house when you have items grouped in a basket.

Woman standing with white basket full of smores ingredients in her kitchen.

Putting together a smores station for your home will take you no time at all but it’s a very practical and summery “organizing” project to accomplish. Below is the very simple how-to.


  • Graham crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate bars
  • Roasting skewers
  • Basket

Place everything in the basket and then put in a spot that is conveniently located to where you make smores. For most, that will probably be an outdoor fire pit but for some, you may do smores inside your house in a fireplace or even on top of your stove. Either way, designate a smart spot for your basket to live and then it will be super quick and easy for you to grab when the time comes.

Our back door leads out to the yard from our kitchen, so designating a shelf in our pantry was the easiest and most convenient spot for our smores station. It may look totally different for you though. Think practically!


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