Birthday in a Box

Putting together a birthday in a box is a super fun and simple way to celebrate someone you love. You can send a birthday box in the mail or drop it off if you live nearby. Your box can be as basic or extravagant as you want but in the end, opening up this special birthday box will make anyone’s day. I love coming up with thoughtful gifts for people in my life and this definitely fits the bill.

Box packaged with fun decorations and birthday gift items like cards, pens, polka dot ribbon, happy birthday banner, and gift card.
Brown box filled with birthday decorations, dinosaur pinata, blue balloons, and party blowers sitting on a blue and white rug.
Brown box filled with birthday decorations, dinosaur pinata, blue balloons, and party blowers sitting on a blue and white rug.
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What Is a Birthday Box?

The concept of a birthday in a box is very simple. Find a box and then fill it with small and fun birthday treats, trinkets, supplies, decor, etc. You can decorate the outside, fill with balloons or confetti, and then make someone’s day when they open up this super exciting box.

For friends and family that live far, a birthday box can be a really special way of celebrating someone from a distance and letting them know you’re thinking of them. Even though you might not be able to have a birthday celebration together, you can send your loved one all the goodies they’ll need for a proper party and great day!

Cards in the shape of hearts, pen set, happy birthday banner, and pink polka dot ribbon sitting on white kitchen island.
Handmade notecards, pens, happy birthday banner, starbucks gift card, eye masks and pink polka dot ribbon sitting on white kitchen island.

What to Put in Your Birthday Box

The options here are truly endless. Much like how I plan my party themes, I like to think about who the recipient of the box is when coming up with ideas of what to put inside. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Decor and Party Supplies

  • Balloons (partially inflate them and for older kids/adults, you can even roll up money and put inside)
  • Streamers
  • Confetti
  • Colorful paper shred
  • Birthday headband, tiara, sash, etc
  • Party blowers
  • Mini birthday hats
  • Fun plates or napkins
Brown cardboard box filled with paper shred, blue birthday balloons, mini green dinosaur pinata, cut out paper stars, and party blowers.

Small Toys/Trinkets

  • Mini pinata
  • Small characters/figurines
  • Glow sticks
  • Bubbles
  • Bouncy ball
  • Lip gloss
  • Nail polish
  • Notebook and pens
  • Gift card


  • Gummies/fruit snacks
  • Candy
  • Mini alcohol bottle
  • Juice box
  • Trail mix
  • Favorite soda
  • Beef jerky
  • Chips


Decorating a Birthday Box

Once you’ve packaged up your birthday gift box, give it some extra flare by decorating it! I love to use paper punches, which are basically the cuter and crafty version of a 3 hole punch, for cards and decorations. You can find paper punches in all shapes and sizes and paired with cute washi tape and pretty scrapbook paper, you’re set.

Brown box decorated with paper cut outs in the shape of stars laying next to pink polka dot ribbon and happy birthday banner sitting on white kitchen island.

You can also use stickers or brightly colored markers to write a message on the box. It doesn’t have to be crazy, but it’s extra fun to decorate the outside of these birthday boxes so the recipient knows something exciting must be inside.


Green and blue washi tape in the shape of a birthday cake on a brown cardboard box.

Other Celebration Box Ideas

Surprising someone with their very own happy birthday box is not only thoughtful but also really fun and unique when it comes to gifting. However, don’t be limited by using this concept just for birthdays. What about a best friend box, just because. Or a happy anniversary box, happy graduation, first or last day of school, congrats on your new job, or a bride-to-be box. You can replicate this gifting idea for pretty much any occasion, similar to using the four-gift rule, which I also love.

So, now it’s your turn to put together your own celebration box and make someone’s day. Get creative and think outside the box… 😉

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