Hospital Bag Checklist for Baby #2

Pregnant mom in green shirt and brown sweater leaning on white marbled suitcase
Open suitcase with Happy Birthday book and polka dot birthing gown on top

I’m just over 36 weeks pregnant and getting my hospital bag checklist for baby #2 all in order! It feels like our countdown is really on as we anxiously await little boy’s arrival… especially knowing that Kennedy came a week from now.

I started making my hospital bag checklist by looking at the list I made when I was pregnant with Kennedy. You can check that post out here, if you’d like to look back and/or compare the two lists.

After having gone through this once now, I have some thoughts on what was necessary, what I wish I would have had, and things that I would skip. With all that info, I’ve rewritten and updated my hospital bag checklist to share what we will be taking with us this time around. I definitely overpacked for myself last time and now know that taking postpartum recovery items of my own is absolutely NOT worth it! The hospital had everything I could have needed and sent me home with so many extras.

I also surveyed my Instagram followers for mama advice and tips on packing, so be sure to check that info down at the bottom, where I share the most common responses from YOU!

Polka dot birthing gown, two grey packing cubes, Dr. Seuss book, blue packing cube, pink toiletry bag, and mini tripod.
Open suitcase showing packing cubes on both sides and a pink toiletry bag on the right side.


  • Driver’s license + insurance card
  • Birthing gown/labor outfit – I took my own labor gown with Kennedy and I’m so glad I did! It was so much more comfortable and much cuter, which made me feel better, too haha.
  • Dark pjs – dark colors and button up tops are key!
  • Socks, slippers, robe, cozy sweater – any combination of these items to stay warm and comfy
  • Leggings, loose tops, going home outfit
  • Long iPhone cord – a MUST have
  • Extra hair ties, makeup/toiletries, CHAPSTICK
  • Shower shoes and your own towel from home – another MUST have for me
  • Nursing tanks/bras, comfy underwear
  • Nipple cream/breast pads – breastfeeding ended up being amazing for us but the first couple days can be difficult and especially painful


  • Car seat (have it already installed!)
  • Portable sound machine
  • Swaddles & outfits for cute pictures
  • Going home outfit in multiple sizes *lesson learned last time, don’t just pack NB stuff!
  • Anything special for announcement photos – nametag, sign, particular outfit, letterboard, etc
  • Book for staff to sign – we did this with Kennedy and it’s so fun seeing notes from all the nurses and wonderful people who took care of us while we were in the hospital
  • Nightlight for nursing
  • Accessories – mittens, hats, booties, socks, headbands


  • Comfy clothes
  • Towel + toiletries
  • Camera/mini tripod – whatever to take your own pics, if you plan to
  • Laptop/iPad
  • Chargers for anything electronic
  • Portable speaker – we used this a ton last time!
  • Snacks
  • Own blanket(s) and pillow(s)
  • Push present, gift/note for baby
  • Books
  • Treat basket for nurses
  • A helpful and positive attitude – this was added to the list by Michael himself!

One other thing I purchased and am packing in my bag is this DIY Fresh 48 Session from my photographer friend, Raven. Since no family or photographers can come visit us in the hospital, I thought this was a brilliant idea! She gives incredible tips on how you can capture some great pictures in those first couple of days using simple tricks and your phone. For sure will be using!


  • Long chargers
  • Own swaddles/blankets
  • Chapstick
  • Lotion
  • Snacks for middle of the night
  • Own pillow
  • Nightlight for nursing
  • Button up pjs
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Towels from home
  • Socks, slippers
  • Always Discreet Underwear / Depends
  • Lots of hair ties

Now that we’re in the final countdown, I’m taking guesses from you all to see when you think baby boy will make his grand debut. If you missed my latest update, after our 36 week appointment, we now know that baby is NOT small and my body is already showing signs of preparing for labor – yay!

Head to this post and let me know your guess for DATE and WEIGHT. We’ll send a fun surprise to whoever is closest once he’s born!

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