Favorite Things: Four-Month-Old Edition

little girl sitting in grey chair with 4 month sticker on her white onesie

With four (okay basically five!) months under our belt with our sweet Kennedy, we’ve got some new favorite things to share with yall. As always, each baby is completely different, so I hope yall always take these posts with a grain of salt. Since having Kennedy we have tried out (and been told about) so many different things and to be honest, some have been great, while others haven’t worked for us. That’s okay! I’m quickly learning that this whole parenthood deal is trial and error and there’s no shame in that haha.

Here are some of her/our favorite things these days. Hope these always give you some good ideas for baby registries, gifts, and things to try out!

Sophie La Girafe Teether

Kennedy LOVES her Sophie right now and we pretty much always have it with us. I bought this a couple months ago but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that she really took to it. We are for sure in the phase of “everything goes in the mouth”, so Sophie has been a lifesaver!

Crinkle Lovey

One of Kennedy’s grandma’s got her one of these for Valentine’s Day and she has been a HUGE fan this whole month. This little square is made of some sort of crinkly paper and super soft material. It also has tags around the edge and a ring on there. It’s perfect for engaging all sorts of her senses and also a good teething toy. I found a ton of them on Amazon, so depending on the gender of your babe or what designs you like most, there are a lot to choose from! Kennedy has the unicorn/rainbow combo. It’s so cute and girly!

Nose Frida

Our girl has had a few colds this winter season and the Nose Frida has always come to the rescue. I know what you’re thinking… ew! And believe me, I thought this little contraption sounded and looked like the weirdest thing ever. But guys, if you’re a mama, you NEED this. It is 1000% better than a traditional bulb sucker and our pediatrician actually recommended using it over a bulb because it’s a lot more gentle on little noses. I promise it’s not as gross as you think it is!

Mustela Foam Shampoo

My friend Arin told me about this shampoo and we’ve loved using it the last couple weeks. Kennedy had a tiny patch of cradle cap and this has done a great job of managing it and preventing more from showing up. They have a whole line of products, which I’m eager to try. Best part is you can find their stuff at Target.


We love reading to our cutie and lately she’s been enjoying it even more. We can really tell that she’s paying more attention to the pages and notices the illustrations and all. I think we have about every classic book there is but here are a few of our favorites right now.

As always, thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon!

xx Alex


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