Packing the Diaper Bag for Two Kids

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After my second child, I found myself needing to rethink how I was packing our diaper bag. It seems like a large feat but the alternative of carrying multiple bags doesn’t sit well with me, so I had to figure it out.

It’s really quite simple to pack the diaper bag for multiple kids and I’ll share with you my secret: pouches!

I love a good pouch – you probably already know that by now – and I find uses for them all over the house and in our lives. My latest hacks with pouches have been for our diaper bag. I have finally figured out a way to stay super organized while being able to pack for both kids in the same bag. It’s been a game changer.

These are my favorite pouches to use. They’re extremely affordable and I love the zip top. This pack comes in a few sizes, so you get a nice variety as well. I also love my namebubbles and have a set for each child with their names on them. They’re great for everything from water bottles, snack cups, bags, clothing, and you guessed it… pouches.

When packing my diaper bag for two kids, there are three main things I need plus a few little extras.

Portable changing station. To me, this is a must have for being out and about. I love that everything is contained in this one item – a cushioned pad, plus a place for both diapers and wipes.

– Pouch for each child. I use these pouches with a namebubble sticker to keep track of them. In Kennedy’s pouch I keep: pull ups, extra undies, extra clothes, hair ties. Watch this video to see me packing it in action. It’s soooo simple, yall! For Walker’s pouch I just have extra clothes in there right now since diapers/wipes are already in the changing station.

Little pouch for smaller, miscellaneous items. Examples of these items for us: bandaids, more hair ties, chapstick, tissues, etc.

In addition to my changing station and three pouches, I also utilize the large pockets and zipper areas of our Freshly Picked diaper bag. These are used for things like water wipes, sunscreen, snacks, bottles, burp cloths, disposable table toppers, and toddler entertainment, like coloring. Check this out for a super quick and affordable diy coloring kit that you can stash in the diaper bag or your purse for easy entertainment.

Post it notes, crayons and small white box all laying on a bright and colorful rug.

If you’re a parent of multiple kids, I’d love to know how you pack your bag(s) and if you have any other tips for me. I’m only three months into doing this but so far this system is working well for us!

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