Kennedy Is One!

one year old photoshoot with little girl wearing blue and white stripes and a white bow

I cannot believe I’m typing this. Cue the water works!! But our baby girl is ONE today. How? I don’t know, but here we are. So much has happened in the last year since welcoming Kennedy… We’ve traveled a lot, lost and gained family members, moved to a new house, and made new friends. Most importantly, we became parents and have entered a whole new adventure as a family of three. Kennedy has brought SO much joy to our lives and being her mom is the best thing ever. She seriously makes us laugh so much every single day. She is the happiest and easiest baby! We are beyond blessed.

If you’re new around here and curious about our story of welcoming Kennedy this time last year, check out this post where I share her birth story and a lot of pictures from those first few days. Today, I wanted to share a Kennedy update along with some special photos that we took a couple of weeks ago with Sarah from Sweet Smiles by Sarah Michelle.

I wanted to get some family photos taken around her birthday and also do a little cake smash with her to celebrate. As you’ll see by the pictures, by the time the cake came out, Kennedy was OVER IT. Ha! These are not at all what I expected but hey, she’s a baby, it was like a million degrees out and almost bedtime. Who can blame her?! We still got some incredible pictures together that we will cherish forever. Just look how cute she is!

I’ve also had several people request that I just do a little update on what’s new with her and different “milestones” she’s hit up to this first year. Keep reading for all of that and definitely keep reading to the end for all the amazing pictures we got.

Is she walking? Not quite! She’s pulling up and standing like a champ and we can tell she so badly wants to take off but it hasn’t happened yet. She doesn’t sit still as is already, but I know we’re in for a whole new world when she does finally start to walk!

Is she saying any words? Yes! Our girl is soooo vocal and has been that way since she was just a few months old. She’s always made lots of noises and sounds and mimics a lot of what she hears now. She does have several words down pat though – “dada”, “mama”, “dog”, “uh-oh”, “wow”, and “oooh” for when she sees something exciting haha.

Does she have many teeth? She has eight! Four on top and four on the bottom. It’s crazy. She had her bottom two teeth for the longest time, then a third bottom tooth popped up, and then within about 10 days, she got five more!

Is she eating a lot of solid foods? TONS! We’ve done baby led weaning with Kennedy since she was six or seven months old and it has been absolutely incredible. She has fed herself since that time and has tried (and presently eats) everything from broccoli, green beans, blueberries, strawberries, chicken, eggs, bacon, salmon, bell peppers, apple… you name it and I bet she’s had it haha. The girl likes to eat! 😉

Are you having a party? We are having a little party with our immediate family and a few friends, which I will share more about after the fact. I wanted to do something special to celebrate her big day but we aren’t going completely overboard with a huge party. I think it will be just right and I’m excited to tell yall all about it, the theme I came up with, and share pictures in the coming week or two…

What else is she doing these days? Well besides being on the move constantly and eating everything she gets her hands on, she just loves to play and be entertained. She loves books, Remi (and all animals for that matter), other kids/babies, to wave, play peek-a-boo, be “chased”, clap for herself haha. She’s just a happy and playful little girl. This is such a fun age!

On to the pics… thank you again, Sarah, for capturing these sweet moments.

Happy Birthday to our sweetest girl. Kennedy Marie, you are a true blessing from God and we are so so thankful to be your parents. Watching you grow this last year has been so much fun and we can’t wait to see what year two holds. We love you forever!

And thanks for stopping by today. It’s been a lot of fun to share my motherhood journey with yall through this blog and on Instagram and I’m so grateful for all the connections I’ve made with other women and fellow moms. It’s a great community and I’m glad you’re here!

xx Alex

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