Favorite Things: Eleven Months

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! I’m a couple days late getting this post out (Kennedy was eleven months on Sunday) but wanted to share our favorite things this month and a little update on her.

This month has been a busy one! We went on a vacation to Utah, our longest trip yet with her, and are gearing up to celebrate her first birthday in a few weeks. I honestly have no idea how she’s about to turn one… this has been the fastest year of our lives! Kennedy is pulling up on everything and so badly wants to stand and walk! She is a mover and doesn’t sit still very long anymore, which makes our job a little crazier because we really can’t take our eyes off of her haha.

This age requires much more entertainment than ever before and I actually had another mom on Instagram ask me what I do with Kennedy to play with her or keep her busy these days. It’s not always easy and I feel like I have to get very creative at times but a few of our favorite things are to read books, play with musical instruments, play with the dog, look at pictures, and go outside. I try to speak to her very clearly in whatever we are doing to let her know what she’s playing with or what she’s doing, so that she can hopefully pick up on words easily. She did this with “dog” SO quickly and it was actually her third word, right after “dada” and “mama”. Every time she sees Remi (or any dog, for that matter) she yells out “dog” over and over. A few of yall also suggested classes and reading time at the library. We haven’t done this but I need to check it out!

This child is also SO funny! She has quite the personality and is so incredibly expressive… she is always making us laugh. Her newest thing is a “stank face” that she will give and then quickly start laughing. It’s hilarious (and terrifying) that she already knows how funny she is and how to mess with us. Lord help us!

Now to share some of our favorite things in the past month…

Jellycat Board Books – These are SO adorable and Kennedy loves to touch and feel as she follows along when I read these to her. They’re simple and short but very cute and I feel like she’s at the perfect age to enjoy this style of sensory book. We have the “If I Were a Calf” and “If I Were a Polar Bear” but I would love to add to our collection with all the other sweet animals. Some of the books even come with the stuffed animal. Such a great gift idea and there are so my cute options. Even more here!

Travel Blackout Shades – We took these to Utah with us a couple weeks ago on our vacation and they were awesome. Knowing that Kennedy would be sleeping in the same room as us, we wanted to do our best to create a good environment for her that would be as similar as possible to her room at home (which is dark!) These have suction cups on them, which makes them super portable and easy to remove/change position. Highly recommend!

Snoozeshade – Along the same line, we got this to put over the pack n play which kept the sides shaded, so she couldn’t see us in the room with her. I would say something like this is 100% the price tag if you’re going to travel with your baby and room-share. Kennedy is at the age where she is super aware of her surroundings and without this, I think she would have seen us coming in and out of the room and been very distracted (even though she was tucked away in a closet haha). I’ve also heard amazing things about the SlumberPod, which is more of an investment but brilliant.

Sensory Toys – I’m finding the need for better and more engaging toys as Kennedy gets older and these are some of our favorites right now. She loves anything that’s colorful and makes noise. I also love that so many of these are great for practicing stacking, shapes, colors, etc.

That’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by! These have been such fun posts to write the last eleven months and I can’t believe that there’s only one more of these check-ins to go (although I’ll keep doing Kennedy updates of some sort). Now I’m in full on planning mode for a birthday party and basically just in denial that my baby is almost one…

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