Favorite Things: Three-Month-Old Edition

little girl sitting in grey chair with 3 month sticker on her white onesie

Well hey there! Long time, no talk!

I have been a little radio silent since Christmas, but am so excited to get back into a routine on the blog. Once we got through the holidays, we had some family things come up, I got sick, and frankly, it’s just been a bit chaotic around here.

Even though our little angel will be four months this week (!?!?!?) I wanted to share our three-month-old edition of favorite things. I’ve gotten a lot of requests to continue these posts and keep sharing our favorite products as we discover new ones and as Kennedy gets older. If you’re new around here, be sure to check out our month one and month two updates, too!

Mam Pacifiers

So yall know that these were our favorite pacis for the newborn stage and truly the best shape for a teeny tiny one’s mouth, in my opinion. But after Kennedy was two months old, we switched to the Mam pacifier and have had great success with these, too. She does great keeping them in her mouth and they come in TONS of cute colors and designs. Oh and they’re SUPER affordable!

Loulou Lollipop Pacifier Clips

Along the same vein, we’ve also become big fans and users of the pacifier clip. I was weary to use them for the first month or so of her life because #paranoia (haha) but I love that these clips use really chunky beads so you don’t have to worry about much with them in terms of safety. Kennedy is also getting very into using her hands and holding onto things and she loves to hold these clips, which is pretty cute. (Until she rips the paci out of her mouth, that is). Loulou Lollipop also makes the most adorable and clever teething toys, too. We’re going to need a couple of these in the coming months, I think…

Skip Hop Activity Gym

We’ve had this for a couple of months now, but Kennedy during this third month, she can now lay on this mat very independently and happily for extended amounts of time while staring at all the cute animals and patterns. We picked this activity gym out initially because it wasn’t ginormous, which some are, and it’s actually kind of pretty and not super obnoxious looking either. Oddly enough we’re kind of opinionated on all these baby toys and gadgets and have gone for softer, more neutral designs whenever given the choice haha. We have loved this one and it’s holding up really well with very regular use!


So baby rompers/jumpsuits, whatever you want to call them, have been my absolute favorite thing to dress Kennedy in! 1) they are SO stinkin cute. 2) they’re warm. 3) very easy for diaper changes. Fashionable and practical… what more could you want? We’re gonna need the taco one asap!

Here are some of my favorite brands/styles:

Gripe Water

This stuff is awesome! We use it for hiccups, gas/tummy problems, or if she’s particularly fussy. I have no idea what this magical potion really is, but a little dose of this and our girl is back to normal in no time! We’re heading out on our first trip this week (aka first plane ride… pray for us!) and I’ve been told by some other mamas to be sure and bring this on the plane just in case of emergency for calming.

Kennedy’s four month favorites to come… Thanks for stopping by. Talk soon!

xx Alex



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