Holiday Decor Storage Solutions

It’s always a bummer when it’s time to pack up the holiday decor. It can also feel super overwhelming and like a huge task! One thing that I find helpful is having great holiday decor storage solutions in our home. All of my holiday decor is stored in the same place, together, making it easy to unpack, put up, and then take back down each year.

After the holiday season is over so many great sales happen and oftentimes you can find storage and organizing products at discounted prices. If you’re in the market for some new storage solutions, looking off season might be the best time.

Christmas decor put away in clear plastic bins, wrapping paper organizer, and ornament organizer.

Here are a few tried and true methods that I find helpful when storing holiday decor.


Using ornament boxes has simplified and organized our Christmas tree decor SO much over the last several years. We bought boxes like these in our first year of marriage and are still using them. They are stackable, easily stored, and protect our ornaments perfectly.

For oversized ornaments, I will take out any dividers and have a larger space for them to sit together. I also have a box of larger, fragile ornaments that are wrapped in bubble wrap and kept safely and separately from everything else.


Storing lights on these spools that fit into a bag like this one is a game changer. It makes wrapping the tree and then unwrapping so quick, especially with two people’s help. We usually keep our lights for a couple of years and then replace them.

Another great find is this remote control that allows the tree to be plugged in but controlled by this little button. Super helpful if you put your Christmas tree in a corner where it might be hard to plug it in and out constantly.


If you’re someone who has lots of holiday wreaths for your home, perhaps for your windows, wreath bags are a great storage solution. I can fit a couple of my window wreaths into one bag. This helps them stay clean and damage free throughout the year when they’re not in use.


The biggest and most important piece of any good storage plan – good old plastic bins! I organize my bins by room or theme. For example: “Kid Christmas”, “Living Room”, “Christmas”, “Nativity”, etc.

Use labels or even a large post-it note to write exactly what you have in each bin, so there’s no guessing when it comes time to take things out again. I label everything and place a note on the top of the box. Labeling is one extra step but it makes all the difference in the world when you’re searching for something particular!


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