Gift Ideas For Babies & Kids

Gift ideas for babies, toddler, and young kids featuring outdoor games, montessori toys, building blocks, music and storytelling games.

Babies and kids are often the easiest to buy for. Everything is so cute and fun for them at these ages. If you’re looking for some new ideas and toys that can be used outdoor, to learn, and play with siblings or friends, here it is.

Gift guide for babies and kids featuring walkie talkies, building blocks, scooter, toddler camera, mini drone, and montessori toys.
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Babies & Kids Gift Guide

walkie talkies

How fun would this be for a set of siblings, cousins, or just to use with friends? This set comes with 3 colorful walkie talkies and will provide endless fun.

push along toy

This wooden push toy is perfect for a baby learning to stand and walk. The colors and designs are so soft and sweet.

baby memory book

These Lucy Darling memory books are my absolute favorite. I’ve used them with both of my own children and they make for wonderful gifts.

mini drone

I don’t know many young boys, or children in general, who wouldn’t be thrilled by getting a mini drone for Christmas. Perfect for outdoor adventuring.

duplo building blocks

A classic toy for kids of all ages – building blocks. DUPLO blocks are great for toddlers as young as 1.5 years old.

lascoota scooter

This scooter is a favorite in our home. Grows with your child as they can start by sitting before confidently standing to scoot. Oh, and the wheels light up!

sink toy

This fun sink toy allows for real running water, which will have your toddler splashing and washing dishes happily. Great for indoor and outdoor use.

kid camera

This toddler and young kid camera is great for kids over the age of 3. They can take real pictures and feel like true photographers.

toniebox audio player

Toniebox is an audio player that provides awesome screen-free fun by listening to stories and songs. You can buy so many Tonies characters to go along with it, too.

pikler climber

These climbers are such a great toy for toddlers and young kids. They’ll get to practice everything from climbing, sliding, and creative play.

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