Gift Ideas For Tweens & Teens

Gift ideas for pre-teens and teen girls with trendy sneakers and fashion items, pretty accessories, technology must haves, and beauty items.

Although I don’t have a preteen or teenage daughter yet, I remember those years well, and I hear this is a difficult group to shop for from many of you. Being a teenager as all about having cool, trendy things, and everyone wanting to fit in. These gift ideas are cute and on trend, so you can rest assured your teen girl won’t be totally mortified receiving any of these items come Christmas morning.

gift guide for pre-teens and teenage girls featuring sneakers, tracksuit, camera, slippers, beauty items like lipgloss, hair curler, fanny pack and pretty notebooks.
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Tween & Teen Girl Gift Guide

floral notebook set

floral notebooks

These notebooks are equal parts practical and pretty. A great gift for school or a creative young lady who maybe loves to draw or write.

white sneakers

knit sneakers

Sneakers are all the rage these days and this pair is pretty cool. A nice neutral color made of a lightweight knit material.

black fleece belt bag

fleece belt bag

Lululemon’s belt bags have been trending all year. This fleece one is a little more unique and fun for winter.

lip mask

Lip masks are always an easy and useful gift idea for any girl. These come in lots of flavors.

ceramic hair waver

hair waver

Did you have a hair waver like this when you were young? Well now your daughter and niece want one, too. Really cute and a fantastic price point.

mini instant camera

Picking up on the fact that nostalgia is what this generation is into right now? Polaroid cameras are so fun and a great way to capture memories. Lots of cute colors to pick from.

striped sweatsuit

Super affordable, yet cool, sweatsuit that your teen girl can lounge around in this winter. Love the stripe on the side.

printed phone case

phone case

A new phone case for your teen’s smart phone is always a really safe bet for Christmas. I love the print on this one.

juicy lips lipgloss stick in pink

juicy lips lipgloss

Juicy Lips is a great lipgloss that I promise your teen knows all about from their favorite influencers. Trust me when I say, just buy some.

sherpa slippers in a camel color

sherpa slippers

For all those cozy lovers and homebodies out there, a good soft pair of slippers, like this sherpa pair, is a must have.

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