Gift Ideas For Game Night

Gift ideas for families and friends having a game night with games for groups, puzzles, and conversation starters.

Gift ideas for people who love games, puzzles, and gathering with friends or family. Games and puzzles to play with a group and those for a smaller, more intimate get together. These ideas are perfect for a cozy game night in and spending quality time with those you love.

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Game night Gift Guide


Try to guess your teammates before the opponent’s team. A little bit of spywork and a whole lot of fun to be had with Codenames.

12 days of christmas puzzle

A vintage-style puzzle celebrating the 12 days of Christmas. Pretty colors and something fun to celebrate the holiday season.

cards against humanity

This is Cards Against Humanity but for the family… fun, clean, and good fun to have.

children’s jigsaw puzzles

These jigsaw puzzles come as a set of three and are a great Christmas and holiday activity to enjoy with younger kids.

nutcracker puzzle

A beautiful gold-foiled nutcracker puzzle sure to look amazing once it’s all put together.


Try to make sense of the gibberish being said to come up with answer. Incohearent is for adults who love pop culture.

hues and cues

Hues and Cues has gotten a lot of attention this year. I haven’t played this game yet but it sounds super fun.

qwixx dice game

Qwixx is one of our favorite games to play and I love that it can be played with just two players. Makes for a great date night activity, too.

checkers and backgammon

This clever game set allows you to play two classic games all in one – checkers and backgammon.

think ‘n sync

Try to read each other’s minds in Think ‘N Sync as you guess the same things from the card prompts. Really simple and funny.


Splurt is another personal favorite and really easy to play. Need to be quick on your feet and fast to speak in this one!

The Chameleon

Have fun as you race to figure out who the chameleon is in this sneaky game. Great for a group!

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