Fall Home Maintenance


Okay so it’s officially fall and we’ve actually had a couple of beautiful days here this week, which is making me SO happy. Fall has always been my favorite season and it’s something I missed SO badly when I was in college in Texas. The Midwest truly gets all four seasons and it’s a magical thing!!

Today I want to talk about getting your house ready for the fall and winter. Since we experience such big shifts in weather here, seasonal maintenance is really important to us. Luckily we have Hoffmann Brothers to take good care of us and our home. Their Home Protection Plan even includes two annual tune-ups and now is the perfect time to check on that furnace before the cold weather hits!

One other thing they’ve recommended to us because we have a finished basement is having our sewer line checked and camera’d. We actually just had this done in order to make sure our lines here at the new house were all good since issues can be the result of everything from roots to backups, buildup and leaks.

The process was super simple and probably took an hour and a half total. It gives us so much peace of mind to know that Hoffmann will help us prepare for (and hopefully avoid) any major issues like a sewer backup. Our lines happen to be PVC but depending on the structure and age of your home, your lines may be made of another material and require more frequent inspection.

Hoffmann is actually running a special this fall to camera your sewer line as a preventative measure for $179! This will give you SO much peace of mind, especially if you have a finished basement or are looking to finish your basement. The last thing you want is to have a back up in your home and deal with all the damage that could cause to flooring and furniture. Yikes!

Either way, Hoffmann Brothers came through for us yet again and their Home Protection Plan continues to be an incredible asset as homeowners. After having a new HVAC system installed shortly after we moved in (read about that surprise here) and now checking out the sewer lines, I feel like we are in great shape for the colder months and seasonal changes that are upon us.

Now that the bones of our house are ready for fall, it’s time to get everything else all pretty and decked out. Like I already said, fall is my FAVORITE and I love fall decorations. Mind you, I like to keep things pretty simple, but I love a good pumpkin and hay bale as much as the next basic girl haha. Be sure to check out my Instagram stories today for a fun little mini home tour I’m doing with some girlfriends. We’re each showing you just a small space or two of our homes and how we’ve decorated for fall. You can find the sources for our front porch and dining room table below!

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend and wishing beautiful fall temps to everyone!

xx Alex

This post was created in collaboration with Hoffmann Brothers. As always, all opinions are my own.


Wreath Hanger (similar) // Boxwood Wreath // Doormat // Mums & Hay Bales from Home Depot // Fantasy Pumpkins from Trader Joe’s


Eucalyptus Garland // Assorted Pumpkins

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