Best AFFORDABLE Athleisure


Like any woman in 2019, I basically live in athleisure/activewear. Especially as a mama because let’s be honest, I only have a few minutes each day to get ready and I need to be comfortable playing on the floor all day with Kennedy!

There are sooo many options out there these days but truthfully, a lot of athleisure and activewear is just plain expensive. On one hand, I get it and am a fan of spending money where it counts - a few good pairs of leggings that will last and good shoes… but for tops, other casual leggings, sports bras, etc, I like to save whenever possible.

Below are some of my favorite affordable pieces that can be picked up everywhere from Old Navy to Target to Amazon. I personally own several of these exact items and while I know they won’t last me more than a season or two, most likely, they’re great for every day casual wear around the house and running errands.

xx Alex