My #NSale Early Access Round of Purchases + $500 Giveaway

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! I got to preview the sale yesterday to try on and scope out all sorts of fun goodies and now it’s officially time to shop, my friends!

If you’re a cardholder, today’s the day. Let me remind you, the good stuff is going to go FAST. Don’t be surprised when the most popular items or talked about products sell out or aren’t available in your size anymore… it happens and it will probably happen more than once. It’s the nature of the beast of this sale. But don’t be discouraged. Get your basket full and grab what you can now and then keep checking back. I usually place several different orders each year because something I want will inevitably be sold out by the time I get to it and try to purchase. **Having something in your basket does NOT save it for you. You have to actually check out to get it!

Anyways, on to the fun stuff. I left the store yesterday with six items for myself (and two for Kennedy). I’m super happy with what I grabbed this first round. Lots of classic staples! See below for info on sizing and my overall take on everything I bought first.

I’ve still got my eyes open for some good booties/boots and another sweater or two. I’ll be browsing more online today to see if there’s anything I can snag. The great thing about Nordstrom is their incredible customer service and easy, free return policy. I’m usually in the camp of ordering a few things (in a few sizes) and then returning whatever doesn’t end up working.

There are a few things that are definitely in the back of my mind today, so right now, the below would be my second round wish list for sure. We’ll see if I end up going for any of them. TBD!

Definitely be sure to check out my Instagram for way more behind the scenes looks and try ons of things I’ve bought throughout the sale. And let me know if there’s anything else you’re looking for or hoping for me to cover for yall… think of me as your personal shopper. I’m here to help!

Have a great weekend!

xx Alex

Head to this Instagram post to enter a $500 giveaway me and some girlfriends are doing! We’re so excited to treat one of yall to a Nordstrom gift card!