Summery Starbucks Drinks


Happy FriYAY! Although I’m one of the rare unicorns that drinks iced coffee and beverages year-round (yes, even when there’s snow on the ground) it’s now summer and the perfect time for cold and yummy drinks! One of my favorite places to swing by when I’m out and about is Starbucks! They have so many tasty treats and I especially love their iced drinks.

Truthfully though, I sort of stick with my same 2-3 drinks all yearlong and wanted to mix it up, so I polled yall on Instagram for your best summer Starbucks drinks and YALL CAME THROUGH!! So many amazing suggestions, most of which I would have NEVER thought of or known how to order haha. So I’m just going to share them all right here for you.

  • iced latte - my personal favorite and go-to drink

  • black iced tea unsweetened - my other favorite

  • berry hibiscus refresher

  • iced americano, extra shot, 1-2 pumps of mocha + tiny shot of cream

  • strawberry green tea lemonade

  • vanilla sweet cream cold brew

  • “the pink drink” (aka strawberry acai refresher w/ coconut milk instead of water)

  • nitro cold brew w/ sweet cream/salted foam

  • strawberry acai refresher w/ lemonade

  • iced coffee, 1 pump vanilla, half n half + cinnamon powder

  • sweet cream cold brew

  • pineapple black tea lemonade

  • iced green tea w/ only 1/2 the sweetener

  • cold brew salted caramel cold foam

  • mango dragonfruit lemonade

  • iced coffee w/ sugar-free cinnamon dolce + nonfat milk

  • cold brew w/ cold foam + several pumps vanilla/hazelnut syrup

  • iced chai

  • iced white chocolate mocha

  • peach infused tea with lemonade

  • strawberry refresher

  • iced coffee, dark roast, w/ splash of coconut milk + cinnamon on top

  • cold brew + 1 pump toffee nut + 1 pump sugar-free vanilla

Tag me or let me know if you try any of these! Have a great weekend!

xx Alex