Surprise! We’re Moving!


SURPRISE! We’re moving! It’s been a total whirlwind the last two weeks or so, but we are soooo excited about this next chapter and I can’t WAIT to show you our new house. I’ve had a few people immediately ask if we’re leaving STL and NO, we are not. This is home to us and we’re actually just moving about five minutes from where we currently live!

We’ll be moving next month and are in full on planning mode… as we shop for some new pieces and decide how to reuse much of what we already have, I figured I’d share the process with yall a bit. This new house is so much more “our style” than our current house, so we’re really thrilled of making it feel like home once we get to move in.

Our current home is full of random furniture and pieces that Michael and I brought together from our lives before marriage, so this is the first time we’re shopping for nice home pieces together. That being said, we’re total newbies to furniture shopping but are having a lot of fun looking around and picking out some special things.

If you have favorite places to shop for home decor and/or furniture, please share with me!! We’re investing in a handful of pieces but yall know I love a good deal, so share your wealth of knowledge if you’ve got it! ;)

Here are some items that we’re loving right now and using as inspiration for the new house…

Can’t wait to share more soon!

xx Alex