Baby's First Easter Basket

Easter week is upon us and we are so excited to celebrate this extremely important holiday with our own little bunny this year! I’m having fun putting together some sweet surprises for my girl (and guy) but let’s be honest… Kennedy is six months old, so it’s not like she’s getting a traditional Easter basket full of Peeps and a chocolate bunny.

I wanted to share some of the fun ideas I’ve come up with for celebrating Easter with a baby who is under a year old. Hopefully this will be helpful to any of yall in the same boat as us this year, whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, or friend. I love the idea of some cute summery clothes/accessories, a couple little toys, and always a good book!

And to make sure you’ve got something cute to put all these goodies in, here are some adorable baskets and liners. The best part about this is that these are reusable year after year!

Thanks for reading!

xx Alex