Five Recommendations for Pregnant Mamas


I did a little poll on my Instagram this week about what kind of posts yall want to see and several people wanted to know more about pregnancy and postpartum. I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind for a while, because I have LOTS of pregnant friends right now who have asked advice on various things.

Please read this with the following disclaimers: I am NOT a doctor, so make sure you clear any and all things with your doctor during pregnancy because they’re the professionals! Also, these are just things that I did that I think made for an easy and enjoyable pregnancy. Not one time during my pregnancy with Kennedy did I think “omg, I’m so over this!” or “get her out of me!” I was a very happy pregnant lady and truly enjoyed the entire process! I’m by no means a pro, so these tips are just that: TIPS. And they come from me: a REAL life, normal first-time mama.

Stay Active

I cannot recommend this enough! If you’re physically able to continue working out or staying active per your doctor’s approval, do it! I worked out (and taught Pure Barre) up until about a month before Kennedy was born. The only reason I stopped that early was because they were concerned about me going into preterm labor due to contractions I was having. I was also a huge lover of stretching at night and doing some light foam rolling to keep things loose. Being preggo is hard on the body and things move so differently, so love your body and give it grace during this time!

Take a Breastfeeding Class

This is some of the best advice I was given by my own doctor. If you’re a first-time mom and plan to breastfeed, you have to understand that both you AND your baby are going to be absolutely clueless on this and learning everything together. Our hospital offered a breastfeeding class that we attended on a Saturday morning and after leaving, I felt SO much more confident about what to expect. Plus, we learned some amazing things about breastfeeding and what a miracle it really is. I would absolutely recommend checking out if your hospital (or one nearby) offers a course like this. It was completely worth our time and money and we actually did this instead of a traditional birthing class. Kennedy latched on right after she was born and I felt like we conquered breastfeeding almost immediately, which was a huge relief and win for us both!

Visit a Chiropractor

Some people are so weirded out by chiropractors and truthfully, I don’t know why because I’m obsessed with mine haha. I think one of the best things I physically did for myself, aside from staying active, was see my chiropractor regularly throughout pregnancy. Like I mentioned above, it’s no surprise that your body is moving around and changing like crazy and thanks to the hormone relaxin, all the ligaments in your body RELAX. Sounds nice but can actually cause some aches and pains… here’s where a chiropractor comes to the rescue! Keeping your body in alignment will do so much good for you in terms of being comfortable and pain-free. My doctor used a few specific techniques to prepare my body for labor near the end and I give him a lot of credit for how easy Kennedy’s birth was!

Buy a Pregnancy Pillow

Sleep is a hard thing when you’re pregnant… especially when you near the end, so anything you can do to be more comfortable is worth trying! You are limited to sleeping on your sides, which can get super old and painful on your hips. I think one of the easiest things you can do is to purchase a good pregnancy pillow. There are tons on the market and some are probably better than others, but really it comes down to what’s going to make you comfortable at night. Good sleep is so important!. I had this one but in hindsight, I wish I would’ve purchased the snoogle. I’ve heard so many good things about it and to be honest, I’ll probably purchase a new one for my next pregnancy.

Don’t Listen to Other People

I know that seems ironic because here I am writing a post that I hope you’ll read about my advice to you haha. My point isn’t don’t listen to people at all but more to just be cautious of what you listen to, or read, or hear. Everyone who has ever been pregnant has had completely different experiences - good and bad - so while we’re all in this together as women, your own pregnancy is going to be completely unique to YOU. Believe me, I read ALL the blogs, followed all the Instagram accounts, read the books, asked my doctor(s) nine million questions, and hammered my friends and family members for all their thoughts, tips, and tricks. I’m a consumer of information, so I wanted to know everything I possibly could, but from that, I took what I wanted and left the rest behind. Remember that it’s YOUR body and YOUR baby. No one knows what you both need more than you do. Listen to your body, love it, and be so thankful for the miracle of growing a human. It really is the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.

Thanks for reading. Talk soon…

xx Alex