The Amazon Coat You've Been Seeing Everywhere

Hey, friends! I recently asked yall on my Instagram stories if you’d like to see more Amazon fashion content and the answer was an overwhelming YES. So, today, I wanted to share a post about the coat you’ve probably seen a million people on your feeds wearing…

I saw tons of people posting about this coat for a few weeks and then my friend, Catherine, showed up wearing it and I was in! For less than $150 (and on Amazon) I have to say that I was a bit skeptical… but guys, the hype is actually legit.

My favorite features about this coat: the thickness (aka super warm), amazinggg soft and huge hood, plus tons of pockets. It also comes in several colors - I have the navy - and it’s flattering on lots of body shapes. All these things plus the very reasonable price point make this coat a winner in my book. So far it’s held up great and has kept me warm during our ongoing winter here at home plus a ski trip to Utah last month.

I’m a fan! Let me know if you’ve gotten it, too, and what your thoughts are!

xx Alex