Staying Bug-Free This Summer

It's FriYAY and today I have an amazing company and service I want to tell you alllll about! We all know how brutal summer can be and one thing I absolutely HATE about this time of year is bugs. I don't like them being outside so I certainly don't want them inside either, which is where Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions comes to save the day.

A family-owned and operated company, Rottler is ranked among the top 50 pest management firms in the entire country as well as being Missouri's largest independent pest control firm. My favorite thing about working with and using Rottler in our home is how easy and effective their process truly is.

I was easily able to set up my complimentary inspection with a Rottler professional (Andrew) and once at our house, he did a thorough examination and walk through our entire home as well as checking our home's exteriors. After seeing our place in person and asking me questions about the types of pests we see out here, he was able to give me some recommendations on what services and care would be our best option. At our 30-day follow-up appointment, I was happy to hear that our house had received a clean bill of health and the few traps and items Andrew had set up had been effective in catching some small bugs and spiders in places like our basement and garage... aka, they were all doing their job!

I am super happy to say that we haven't experienced any bug or pest issues since having Rottler come out to the house, which is saying a lot for this time of year and the hot weather we've been having! I'm so relieved because like I said, I hate anything that creeps or crawls haha. One other thing that made me feel super confident about using Rottler was that anything Andrew sprayed in or outside of our home was safe for both pets and kids. Obviously super important to us!

Good news is that if you live in one of their Missouri markets (see all locations here) you can set up your complimentary inspection right now! It's not too late in the year and believe me, it's completely worth it to have peace of mind not having to worry about these kinds of things. By using this sign up link, you can fill out a simple form and get in touch with a Rottler representative right away. Oh and don't forget to choose me, Alex Marie Jordan, in the referral drop down section, of course! ;)

I'm happy to answer any more questions you may have about our experience and so looking forward to continue using Rottler in our current and future homes.

Have a great weekend!

xx Alex