Bloomlife Pregnancy Tracker

Would you believe me if I told you there is a product available for rental that allows a pregnant mama to track her contractions from the comfort of her own bed?! Well if the title of this blog post didn't give it away already (lol) the answer is YES! 

Enter Bloomlife pregnancy tracker, the world's first clinically validated wearable contraction monitor. Hello, 2018!

As a first-time mama who obviously has zero idea what to expect when it comes to the whole labor and delivery process, the idea of tracking and timing contractions during early labor is an equally foreign concept to me. When Bloomlife reached out about letting me try their monitor for the last several weeks of my pregnancy, I jumped at the opportunity!


The Bloomlife tracker is comprised of three parts: the sensor, reusable patch(es), and app. You'll also receive a charger and extra reusable patches in your shipment. Each patch lasts for about a week and is easily taken on and off the body. The sensor is inserted onto the patch and then you apply the sticky side three finger width below the naval. Once you've got the app downloaded on your phone you will be able to see contractions happening in real time! It really is that simple.

It's recommended for moms in their third trimester, but can be used at any point during pregnancy. Seems as though most moms start using their monitor the last 6-8 weeks, which is when I received mine. It's a good thing to stay seated or laying down while doing a reading for the best results and after an hour, your session will automatically be saved!

Note that Bloomlife does NOT differentiate between Braxton Hicks and labor contractions and is NOT an indicator of labor beginning, although it does track all kinds of contractions for you. What Bloomlife IS good for are the weeks leading up to baby's arrival to prepare and learn more of what's going on in your body. Again, I personally think this is an amazing tool for a first-time moms in particular, like myself, who may be clueless as to what contractions feel (or look) like when being tracked. When it comes to real labor, listening to your body and instincts should still be the number one tool to rely on.


You can get your hands (and belly) on your very own Bloomlife with a $20/week rental fee. You choose the delivery date you'd like based on your baby's due date and rental fees begin once your monitor arrives. Once baby has been born, just send it back and your rental ends.

If you're dying to try Bloomlife out or have a friend who might be interested, you can use the code AJ10 for 10% off your weekly rental. What a deal!


Bloomlife is non-invasive and does not send energy into the body (unlike ultrasound and doppler), making it completely safe for continuous use. 


I have personally used my Bloomlife several times in the last couple weeks since receiving and can truly say that it's an amazing product which has made me much more in-tune with my body. Like I already mentioned, I'm a first-time mama and don't have many expectations (or a clue!) about the labor process, so being able to track early contractions and watch how they ebb and flow has been hugely helpful to me. I've actually had many of these "practice" contractions over the last week or so and have enjoyed being able to see if what I think I'm feeling is truly a contraction or not. I hope that having some of this knowledge and practice, for lack of a better term, will come in handy when it's time for the real deal!

It's so cool that technology like this exists and allows for such unique insight. So, if you're an expecting mom or have a friend who is, please check Bloomlife out and share with those around you. I can't emphasize enough how interesting and helpful this has been for me, especially as a mom who is preparing for labor and delivery for the first time. Take advantage of that discount code and try it out for yourself!

xx Alex

Post created in collaboration with Bloomlife. All thoughts and opinions are my own!