32 Week Bumpdate + Favorite Things


Happy Friday, everyone! Yesterday I hit another big milestone in pregnancy: 32 weeks! I can't believe our little miracle girl will be in our arms in [hopefully] under 8 weeks now. Omg. Time is FLYING! I just had my second shower and am currently immersed in all the baby things and some fun nursery decor. I even shared a little hint on her name this week, so guess away, my friends! :) 

I'm just going to give yall a brief run down of where I'm at in pregnancy along with sharing some of my must-have items right now. Hope you enjoy!

How far along now?

I was 32 weeks yesterday, meaning 8 weeks from her actual due date (Oct 18). My doctor said 32 weeks is his second favorite pregnancy milestone to hit because at 32 weeks all the neurological aspects of baby's brain are fully developed and when comparing to a full-term baby at different ages (a few months, 1 yr, 5 yrs, etc.) there is no distinction between the two. Amazing!

How are you feeling?

Still feeling really good and thankful for a pretty easy pregnancy, overall. Sleep is most certainly getting more complicated and less comfortable but I've had several people reassure me that it's just preparing me for what's to come haha. The restless nights and aches and pains I'm starting to feel are ALL worth it though! 

Craving anything?

Nope. Just whatever sounds good, which these days can be quite random since I have aversions to the strangest things. One super annoying thing about my appetite right now is that I can be STARVING but have no idea what I want to eat because NOTHING sounds good. It is very frustrating haha. I'm sure Michael would agree... God bless him.

What are you most excited for?

Still just so ready to have her in my (our) arms. This has been a long road and I can only imagine how sweet and emotional the day she enters this world will be for us. I'm sort of an emotional wreck these days and can cry at the drop of a hat thinking about that moment! PS our ultrasound tech told us at one of our last appointments that baby has LOTS of hair, which is so fun!

Are you feeling lots of movement?

Constantly! She is always on the move and is super active, which is a big blessing. She had her first "test" this past week where they look at and grade baby on different movements and skills. She completed all the requirements and passed with flying colors in like 3 minutes haha. So proud!

Are you still working out/teaching Pure Barre?

Yes and yes. Both are getting much harder haha and I'm actually only teaching Pure Barre through the rest of this month. I have three classes left this coming week before taking a hiatus, so if you're local and want to come LTB with me and baby, come on! Still trying to stretch a lot (easier said than done) and have been foam rolling a bit, too, which feels sooo good. 

What about her name!?

Like I shared in my last update, she has a name - she's actually had a name for 5 or 6 years - but we will not be sharing publicly until her arrival. Middle name is also secret! :) However, I did give a big hint on her name in this post...

Have you had any showers yet?

2 down, 2 to go. Having so much fun celebrating with dear friends and family and feeling super spoiled by all the sweet gifts and blessings people have poured out on us thus far. PS can I just say again how amazing Babylist is?! It has made registering for, receiving, and returning/exchanging gifts SO easy. I will be telling all my preggo friends about this in the future!

Are your wedding rings on or off?

They're off now! After my 28 week bumpdate, I had a few people tell me they had to have their rings cut off in the hospital and recommended I take mine off while I still could. Truthfully, I had a moment of panic when hearing this but decided to just go ahead and take them off just in case. Better safe than sorry right?! I bought this ring from Target as a stand in for my left hand because I feel naked without my rings on! 

Did you take a childbirth class?

We actually have done an online childbirth class thanks to it being 2018 haha. Michael's schedule is a little too busy for us to commit to several weeknights or giving up an entire weekend for a class we could do at our own pace online. I am doing a breastfeeding class tomorrow, though, which was the #1 recommendation from my doctor, even over a childbirth class. Since baby AND I will be clueless on what that looks like, I'm eager to try and be as prepared as possible in hopes of not being too overwhelmed or discouraged when the time comes. Updates to follow...

And now for some of my favorite 2nd & 3rd trimester things:


Have a great and safe weekend!

xx Alex