5 Travel Must-Haves + The Parking Spot Giveaway

I hope you all had a great weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that our weekend plans had a bit of a wrench thrown in them... Michael surprised me with a trip to Philly for my birthday to see Billy Joel, among other things, which was supposed to happen this weekend. We were up super early on Friday morning (even squeezed in teaching a Pure Barre class before rushing to the airport) and upon landing in Chicago for our connecting flight, we were told that our flight (and all others to/from Philly) were cancelled... meaning we weren't going to make it for the concert that night or probably at all for the weekend. Cue a lot of frustration and some bummed out attitudes until we decided that we'd try to make the most of it by hanging in Chicago this weekend instead!

Our weekend turned out to be nothing like what we planned or imagined, but we ended up having a blast and enjoying our last weekend getaway with just the two of us before baby girl joins us in less than three months (!!) It got me thinking about ALL the travel we've been lucky enough to experience this summer and how grateful I am for all the little things and conveniences I've discovered that make traveling so much easier for us. 

One of those amazing things is The Parking Spot at the St. Louis airport. It is hands-down our favorite place to park and we use it for not only personal travel, but it's also Michael's preferred parking spot (no pun intended haha) for business travel. If you don't know about The Parking Spot, let me just fill you in on a few details that will hopefully encourage you to check them out for your next trip!

- 39 locations at 22 different airports across the country (check out all their locations to find your nearest Parking Spot)

- Shuttle service that runs all day, every day to and from The Parking Spot(s) to your terminal

- Option to reserve a parking spot ahead of your trip

- Several options for parking at each airport (The Parking Spot 1, 2, 3, and East in St. Louis for instance). Their FAQ page explains the difference between options at each location.

- If you're a frequent traveler, you might be a perfect candidate for The Spot Club

- There are also car care options for those of you who love coming home to a clean car

Right now the St. Louis location of The Parking Spot is offering an awesome 40% off coupon! This would be SO perfect for your last trip(s) of the summer. I'm also super excited to be partnering with The Parking Spot to do an AMAZING giveaway offering a free week of parking to FOUR lucky winners over on Instagram. Be sure to head that way and enter there! (PS, you don't have to be local to be a winner, just check out the locations page to find your nearest Parking Spot).

In other travel news, stay tuned for some BIG round ups of our European trip coming up next month. I've gotten so many questions about where we went, what we did, and how the heck I packed for 18 days in a CARRY ON! Haha, don't worry... it's all coming your way soon. 

Today though, I also wanted to share five favorite travel must-haves that I really think every single person needs. Whether or not you travel internationally, by plane, train, or automobile, these are all super attainable items that make any sort of travel so much more easier!

A great bag. I am a big believer that you should invest in an amazing suitcase or travel bag that you just absolutely love. My Calpak luggage is without question my favorite luggage I've ever had and 99.9% of the time, this is what I'm taking with me, especially if traveling by air. We both also got this Osprey bag for our Europe trip and were SO pleased with it. I'll share more details on this bag in future posts but if you're traveling internationally, this would be my recommendation! 

Packing cubes. Don't knock these babies til you try them and once you do, I dare say you'll never go back! I have this set from Amazon and love that I got a variety of sizes, meaning I can mix and match what I want to take based on the trip and those specific needs. You'll be amazed at how using these will not only keep you super organized but also allow you to fit things in your bag much more effectively. 

Pouches. Not quite the same as packing cubes but along the same vein... I'm a lover of pouches not only for travel but for life in general. If you looked in my purse at any given time, chances are, you'd see at least a couple of these babies haha. I love pouches for everything from makeup, toiletry items, cords/chargers, and medicine. Check out some of my favorites below!

Dry shampoo. We are living in the day of dry shampoo, as you probably already know. Honestly I feel like this is one of the best inventions of all time and I would love to shake the creator's hand haha. What a great thing! Especially for travel. I found my favorite dry shampoo in a mini travel size before leaving for all our trips this summer and it was a total game changer. 

Noise cancelling headphones. Another incredible thing to have, particularly when it comes to those long flights and hanging in airports. I was given these Bose headphones as a gift and am obsessed. I love that they're wireless, connect via Bluetooth, and the noise cancelling function truly does wonders! A couple more affordable options very similar are here and here.

Don't forget to head over to Instagram today to enter the amazing Parking Spot giveaway and have a great start to your week!

xx Alex



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