Packing a Capsule Wardrobe

Okay guys, here is the first official European trip post. Sorry it's taken a couple months to get to, but life has been a little busy lately... :)

I've been dying to share this with yall but wanted to wait until I knew with certainty that I had followed through on this idea haha. But I did it! I packed a capsule wardrobe for our trip to Europe and everything fit in a carryon sized bag + my personal carry on, which was this backpack.

We both decided a carryon was our goal because if you've ever traveled Europe (the trains especially) you know how clunky and annoying big luggage can be. That being said, with us being gone for 18 nights (!), we knew we were in for a bit of a challenge!

First step was finding a great bag. I actually stumbled upon this Osprey bag while browsing REI for travel essentials one afternoon and then was able to find them on Amazon. After much research and ordering one to make sure it would do the trick, we both got them. The coolest part about this bag is that it not only rolls like a normal suitcase, but it can also be worn as a backpack! The straps are discreetly tucked away in the back of the bag until/unless you need to use it this way. A few snaps later and voila, ready to go! 

Once I had the bag, I started thinking through what all I needed to bring. Obviously I wasn't going to fit 16+ days worth of clothes in this little baby, so it was time to get creative. I read a few posts about how to use a color scheme for a vacation capsule and I decided that would be a good idea and allow me to mix and match my items even more. I decided on taking a lot of blues, blacks, and greys, while using accessories like scarves and hair ties/bandanas for pops of color. I must also sing the praises of packing cubes here and say that the use of these cubes kept me organized and allowed me to pack the most things in the most efficient way.

I have to say, this took WAY more thought to pull off than how I usually pack for a normal trip (aka look in my closet and throw a bunch *too many* outfits and shoes in a bag) but it was SO worth it. I knew all the different options and combinations of things I could create with the items I brought, plus I made sure to pack some good layering pieces and accessories in order to keep things fresh and allow me to dress for multiple occasions. 

After surviving 18 nights away from home with just this one bag of clothes, I can definitely say that I would pack this way again for a major trip. The hassle of not having to worry about multiple bags and truthfully, too many items to even choose from, made our trip and traveling from place to place SO much easier.

I got so many questions and DMs on Instagram after posting this picture before we took off on our long flight to Germany, so hopefully this has been informative. I'm of course happy to answer any more questions you might have though, so please leave a comment below! 

Have a great weekend!

xx Alex

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