Father's Day Gift Guide

Hey friends. Happy weekend!! 

Today is a fun day, as I'm sharing a new gift guide for all the dads out there. I'm extra excited for Father's Day this year because I get to celebrate Michael in a whole new way. It will be a fun day for sure and as I prepare for that I've tried to narrow this year's list down to some of the coolest and most basic gift ideas for yall. Keeping it simple because let's be real, that's how a guy would prefer it, right?!



Michael and I both have these Mophie charging packs for our phones and they are so awesome, especially for travel. This is a great gift for any dad who travels a lot or is just out and about throughout the day, draining the battery life on his phone. Can't tell you how much this saves me!

These shirts by The Rail and these "Everyday Shorts" are two of Michael's favorite clothing items. The shirts come in tons of colors with different necklines and are the perfect casual shirt. These Everyday Shorts are also super awesome and I think he now owns them in just about every color haha. They can be worn as regular shorts either dressed up or down or even as swim trunks. Super versatile, and again, great for a guy who likes to keep his wardrobe simple. 

This is great for the active and fit dad... it's a collapsable foam roller, which is so cool in my opinion! It completely flattens out (click the link to see more pics) and can then slide right into a gym bag or suitcase for easy travel. 

Another thing we both have on this list is the Bose Quietcomfort Wireless Headphones. If you've never had wireless headphones, let me tell you... game changer! These not only cancel out the noise (amazing on airplanes) but are super comfy and connect to your devices via bluetooth meaning no more cords or adaptors. Definitely worth the splurge! 

The last thing I want to tell yall about in particular is this EKSTER wallet. They recently sent me one for Michael to try out. He's had it in Orlando this whole week and will be taking it to Europe with us as well. It is seriously an awesome wallet that has RFID protection and a GPS solar powered tracker card allowing you to ring your phone or wallet as well as track on a map. It is SUCH cool technology! He got the "classic brown" color and the leather is so beautiful and soft in person. EKSTER has been so kind to offer my readers a special discount on their wallets in honor of Father's Day - 10% off in addition to current running discounts with the code ALEX-EKSTER.

I hope this has been helpful and at least gives you a jumping off point for gifting the dads in your lives this year. PS - we're going to be abroad for Father's Day, so trying to come up with something special for Michael. If you have any brilliant ideas, comment below or better yet, send me an email or DM so he doesn't see...! ;)

xx Alex