Black Maxi Dress


Another dress post for you, because I just can’t stop! I bought this dress specifically for our trip but also knowing that I’d wear it all summer once we get back home. 

It is technically a maternity dress (PS thanks ASOS for having the cutest stuff for mamas-to-be ever!) but truly just feels like a really flowy maxi dress. In case you’re not preggo, I’ve included some other black maxi dresses down below that are super similar to the one I’m wearing.  

I love maxis because they’re usually very lightweight while also providing a bit of versatility. I wore this particular one on our first night in Austria to dinner and an intimate Mozart concert. It was about as “dressed up” as I was going to be this whole trip so a long black dress seemed perfect. I'm also looking forward to wearing it around Paris later this week, maybe with some sandals and a cute hat!

I'm loving and appreciating everyone’s super sweet comments and messages about our trip so far. We are having the time of our lives and enjoying each new place we get to visit! Spending our last evening in Italy and heading to France tomorrow! 

xx Alex