Work Appropriate Outfits for Summertime

Happy Monday! My sister gave me the great idea of this post when we were having a conversation recently and her work wardrobe came up... she has a couple specifications on what she's allowed to wear to the office and now that our temps are rising into the 80s and 90s (!?!!?) that can sometimes be a hard thing to pull off.

Check out the below ideas, which can easily be dressed up or down to fit the dress code of your office in addition to being cute enough to wear out as well. I've broken items up by category and hope this is helpful not only to my baby sis but to many of yall, too!







PS one of my favorite tips for making a sleeveless top or dress more appropriate for work is to have a few killer cardigans or blazers that can be worn on top. Plus, can we all agree those most offices are way to cold anyway, especially in summer when the AC is cranked, so why not have another layer on!?

Happy shopping!

xx Alex