Summer Wedding Guest Attire

Summer is quickly approaching (or maybe already here if you live in the Midwest or South like we do...) and with that, wedding season continues. We've got a couple weddings coming up in the next month or two and it's always fun to plan what to wear as a guest. Tricky part comes if you've got an outdoor event or will be somewhere that's just plain hot! 

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite dresses out there right now that are 1) affordable, 2) comfortable for warm weather, and 3) could easily be worn again. I'm a big fan of re-wearing nicer dresses for lots of different events, so that third item is a key determining factor for me when purchasing a new dress like this. *You can click on any dress in the above image to see more and shop, or check out a few more below.


I also felt like I had to include some shoes and accessories, because a wedding look isn't complete without some good accessorizing! ;)





Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Talk to you soon.

xx Alex