Hair Accessory Trend


YAY for Friday and a long weekend!!! :) Today's post will be short and sweet... I want to talk to you about one of the hottest summer trends this season: hair accessories. Now before you start getting flash backs to middle school and those colorful butterfly clips of childhood, stay with me! Hair accessories like fun hair ties, pretty clips and most notably, the bandana or hair scarf, are HUGE right now. And for good reason... they're adorable!

I recently bit the bullet on a couple of these hair scarves and honestly in the last week since my purchase, I've worn one 3 times this week I think! They not only jazz up your hair or outfit but are SO easy. Think of these as another accessory, like jewelry, that can completely change up your overall look. They're particularly fun during summer because of all the fun colors and prints.

I'm wearing my hair in a half-up half-down hair style here, with the scarf just tied around my elastic band, but there are so many ways to wear these. Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear. Try them out and see which one(s) you like best!

- Half-up do like mine in these pictures. Scarf is just tied around with a loose knot around my elastic tie and hanging down.

- Around a topknot or bun. After your hair is up, tie the scarf around the base of the bun however many times necessary before knotting off to secure. Such a fun way to dress up a topknot!

- Hair down. Wrap the scarf underneath all of the hair and tie on top in either a knot or leave the ends loose. (Think Rosie the Riveter look but a little more modern...)

- High OR low ponytail. Much like in the half-up style, just tie the scarf around the hair after it's secured with an elastic.

- Low bun. Wrap your hair up in a loose low bun, just above the neck and then wrap scarf around several times before tying up in a knotted style.

You can also always add one of these scarves to your neck (also very trendy these days) or an accessory like your purse or laptop bag for some fun. If you're a visual person, like I am, see this Pinterest board for pictures of each of these hairstyles and more! 

Here are a few of my favorite scarves I've seen to get you started on this journey...

Have fun this weekend and don't forget to check back over the weekend, when I'll be sharing all the very best Memorial Day Sales you'll want to know about! :)

xx Alex

PS - how CUTE is Remi in these pictures?!!? I just love him...!


*everything here except the hair scarf is old and out of stock, but linking super similar and adorable options here for y'all!