The 2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Happy Friday, friends! As promised, today I'm bringing you a huge roundup of some awesome gift ideas for the mamas in your lives. Don't forget, the big day is just TWO weeks from this Sunday! :) Although I've never received a Mother's Day gift, I have given many over the years, plus I've consulted with some mama friends to get their input on what they'd like to receive most in order to put together the best guide possible!

Let's get to it... just a reminder that you can click on any image below to shop. Easy peasy!

Some ideas from real moms that I just loved!

- A nice journal that your significant other and all the kiddos put a new note or drawing into each year. So sentimental! 

- Lots of jewelry requests... think kid's initials, birthstones, etc.

Anything relaxing for mama like a mani/pedi, day to herself, new book or cookbook to enjoy, massage, going to a movie alone, or some pretty jammies.

- Caffeine. How about really nice coffee beans, a Starbucks gift card, or better yet, a new coffee or espresso maker for the house!?

- Quality time with kids, especially adult kids. Maybe take your mom (or mom friends) to a great meal or a fun show in town. Nothing beats time spent together!

Here are some even more great items!

Have some fun with this and above all else, remember to shower your mama with some love. They truly are the best gifts of all! 

xx Alex