My Favorite Things from the Sephora Sale

Happy F R I D A Y !

Today is an exciting day because my #1 favorite beauty retailer is having one of their biggest sales of the year. It's called the Sephora Spring Bonus Sale and there are amazing deals for VIB members and Beauty Insiders. If you're unfamiliar with the process of Sephora's sales, they do a big sale like this twice a year (aside from seasonal sales like Black Friday) and it's all about honoring their members! 

Last week was the special sale for all ROUGE members, but today starts the sale for all VIB members and Beauty Insiders, which after polling yall, seems like we fit more in those categories. Today through the 23rd VIB members will get 15% off with the code YAYVIB and Beauty Insiders can get 10% off with code YAYINSIDER

If you're not part of the membership program at Sephora, click here to join for free. There are SO many amazing perks and literally zero reason not to sign up if you ever shop at Sephora, even if only every now and then! 

Click on any image to shop!

This is the perfect time (and excuse) to either restock some of your favorite products you may be running low on or try some new things you've recently heard about! I know I'm doing a little bit of both, myself, as I've had several beauty products on my "wish list" for some time now...! 

I am a HUGE fan of NARS products and swear by their blush and bronzer but have been super curious about this Multiples Stick. It can be used on the eyes, cheeks, lips, and body! I've also read amazing things about this mascara base and the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. You may have seen some people talking about this product and its "one bottle away from" campaign... I haven't bit the bullet yet but this sale just might make me do it!! 

Even more favorites!

And I gotta know... Am I missing anything in this major haul that I just need to know about and add to my basket or wish list!? Please tell me in the comments!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx Alex