The Importance of Date Night


It's Friday, and for us, that usually means date night! Michael and I have always loved spending time together but at the beginning of 2017, we made a deal to make date night a weekly occurrence. I would say we've done a really good job of making that a priority and haven't missed too many since then. Our dates look a little different each week, but I wanted to share a few things that we value in a date night and why it's so important to us. 

It's a great excuse to totally unplug from the world and reconnect. These days, we all (admittedly) live on our phones and are constantly connected to others through email, text, and social media. On date nights, we try to stay off our phones and focus on spending time together. 

Fun time to try a new restaurant or place in town. I'll be honest, 99% off the time our dates take us to the same hole-in-the-wall Mexican place in our neighborhood, which we love. But I really do love trying new places and a date night is a perfect time to do just that. It can be a dinner spot, new ice cream shop, or even trying out a different movie theater in town.

One-on-one time, uninterrupted. Not sure what your spouse or significant other does for a living, but mine is quite busy during the week haha. Whether it's traveling, studying or working on learning new things, he is a man that keeps busy and sometimes we are ships passing in the night during the week. So when the weekend comes and we have that time together, we SAVOR it!

Dating your spouse is really important. As cheesy as it may sound, I do believe there's truth in this statement. Research has actually shown that dating your spouse regularly strengthens a marriage and who wouldn't want that?! So woo each other a little, maybe dress up, show some affection and remember the fun of dating each other back in the day.

It's a sign of commitment. Along the lines of how important pursuing your marriage by dating one another is, it's also just a great way to show your significant other that they are still your #1. Saying no to other invitations in order to prioritize the most important relationship in your life really says something. I know I always feel really special whenever Michael shows me that setting aside time together is still the most important thing to him.

Have fun! No one makes me laugh like Michael does and most of our date nights (okay and every day in general) include cracking each other up. We always joke that we must be adding so much time to our lives because of how much we laugh together. There is nothing better than having that much fun with your guy.

I love date night and am so happy we've gotten into a groove about what that looks like for us. I'm sure it won't always look the same, like when we have kids someday, but I hope to always remember who my best friend is and put him and our relationship first forever.

PS - I love trying new things and am definitely the adventurous one in our marriage, so if you have any fun, unique, cool date night ideas, I want to hear them all! Leave a comment and share your secrets with us! Have a happy and safe weekend.

xx Alex