Valentine's Gift Ideas: His and Hers

Hi! It's been a few days since you've heard from me, but I'm finally starting to feel better (I was sick in case you missed that) and am pumped to share some V-Day gift ideas with yall today. We usually keep it pretty low key for Valentine's Day: chocolate, flowers, dinner and yes, we exchange gifts of some sort. This year we've already decided on what we're giving each other as kind of a joint gift. I'll tell yall more about it another time, but just know we're very excited and it's perfect for us!

I know some people LOVE this holiday and go all out with the candies and hearts and pink and gifts and that's awesome. I (we) probably fall somewhere in the middle of that and the other extreme of not celebrating at all. Either way, I love thinking through clever and smart gift ideas, so if you're still floundering and/or sort of freaking out about what to get your significant other, this post is for you! You've got one week - it's go time!

Oh and if you're more of a GALentine's girl, I've got something special coming your way, too... so stay tuned later this week! ;)

- This is Michael's favorite shave cream. We get it on Amazon and it smells SO good. If your guy is into this sorta thing, this would be a perfect gift for him.

- These Mophie charging cases are a game-changer. We both just got them in the last month or so and it makes life so much easier when you're on the go. A definite must-have if your man travels a lot for work or has long days like mine does! He has the black and I have rose gold (duh).

- I love this sleek leather wallet. It's thin, the color is so pretty, and has plenty of space for all the important cards and things he might carry. *Oh and it's currently 30% off with code XOXO!

- Yall know I have a mild obsession with Madewell bags. They're the best quality and 100% worth the money you'll spend. This one is the perfect and prettiest shade of pink ever. Wouldn't you just love to tote this around?! 

- There are so many great Apple Watch straps out there these days, but this has to be one of the cutest I've seen! I love the floral - so feminine and girly. Get it now and it'll be perfect for spring.

- Ever heard of GLAMboxes? They come in several sizes and varieties but essentially they're an amazing way to organize all your makeup and products. The one pictured here is the most basic (and cheapest) but for me personally, it's the perfect size. Just enough space for a relatively simple girl like myself who doesn't have too many products or brushes to store!

Happy browsing! PS - You may just want to "accidentally" leave your computer open with these images pulled up in case someone special happens to see... I won't tell! ;)

xx Alex