The Diaper Bag Your Husband Will Actually Carry


Hey friends! I’m super excited about today’s post because not only does it feature my two very favorite people in the whole world, but I’m also going to share a super cool bag that would make a really great gift this Christmas season, so keep reading!

Let me pause for a minute and tell y’all how we even stumbled upon this awesome bag though… when I was pregnant, somehow the subject of diaper bags came up and my dear, sweet Michael asked me what bag he would carry. I told him that I had registered for two, one was pink and obviously wouldn’t be carried by him, but the other was black leather that I thought would be fine for him. I was sorely mistaken though, because he told me there was no way he was carrying around a leather bag for Kennedy by himself haha.

So, I said fine, find your own bag! About 20 minutes later he showed me the HighSpeedDaddy Diaper Bag Backpack. By the looks of it, I could already tell this was a cool bag and was definitely made for all the manly dads out there (aka my husband). But once we learned more about it, all the features it offered, and the company’s amazing military background, we were sold!

HighSpeedDaddy helped me pull off an awesome birthday surprise for Michael by sending him this backpack in the black color, which I filled with all sorts of daddy necessities like diapers, wipes, pacifiers and bottles. Michael was so happy about this bag and truly does carry it when he has Kennedy on his own! 

Aside from looking like a total dude bag and being super tactical, there are some extremely practical features that the HSD guys thought to include like: 

  • extra large diaper changing pad included

  • baby wipe pocket for easy access

  • pocket with storage and organization slots for things like pens, small electronics and keys

  • stroller straps that easily attach to stroller for hands free carrying

  • large strip for morale patches (American flag patch seen here not included!!)

  • contoured, cushioned shoulder straps

  • two large insulated bottle holders on each side of the backpack

  • interior padded laptop storage sleeve

  • top pocket that’s perfect for sunglasses or cell phone

I’ll finish by saying that if you know any dads or soon-to-be dads out there, this would be such a great Christmas gift this year! If your man is anything like mine, he will proudly wear this bag and without a doubt, be one of the “cool” dads out there. ;) It also just makes for a really cool backpack for any guy in your life that is large in size with tons of storage options!

xx Alex