Gift Guide: For Kiddos

Popping in today to share another fun little gift guide with yall… emphasis on “little” ;) Today’s gift ideas are all about the kiddos in your life! Whether you’re a mom, grandma, aunt, big sister, or friend, there are SO many adorable ideas here for all the kids you know regardless of age. Some of these are so amazing and glamorous that I wish I had them when I was little haha.

We won’t be doing anything huge for Kennedy this year because let’s be honest, she has NO idea that it’s Christmas haha. But we are still thrilled to celebrate this season with our girl and are looking forward to seeing our niece, Annie, experience Christmas again this year, too, as a toddler!

Happy shopping. PS - working on finalizing any last holiday content for yall and would love some feedback if there is anything you still need help with that I haven’t touched on yet! Leave me a comment or shoot me a message on Instagram.

xx Alex