Neutral Winter Accessories

I love a good accessory, if you haven't noticed, and while I'm a girl who also loves a pop of color, there is something so dreamy and perfect about neutrals in winter. Neutral colors go with almost everything plus they're just plain classic and timeless. A good neutral colored item can be kept in your wardrobe for years to come, which is a win in my book! And for the record, I consider everything from white, tan, cream, beige, grey and blush to be neutrals... you get to make your own rules here, but that's where my mind goes with I think of "neutral colors".

PS if you're new around here, you can click directly on any item in the image above to shop. I especially love this hat, because yall know I'm a fan of pompom beanies ;) as well as this scarf, which I have an almost identical version of. This cute number is a perfect example of how blush or nude can be great neutral pieces in your wardrobe, too! And oh my goodness, if you live in a city where you frequently hail cabs, PLEASE get these gloves in my honor. SO adorable!

Happy shopping!

xx Alex