Friday Favorites

You've made it to Friday! I know a lot of people went back to work this week and kiddos went back to school, so a week like this always feels a little hectic. Yay for the weekend! In thinking through some fun new ideas for the blog this year, one thing I want to try is a "Friday Favorites" post, which I've sort of done before, but want to make more consistent in my content line up. No theme or any particularities for these posts, just a chance to share some favorite things I'm loving with yall. We'll see how it goes?!


I snagged this baby up over the holiday weekend in Chicago and am OBSESSED! It is hands down the softest and coziest vest I've ever owned. I love the high pile texture and the color. It's a great neutral that can be paired with so many different things. Bonus: it's still on sale right now! 


I got this hat in the pink color for Christmas and loved it so much that I decided to get the grey/red one for myself during my last trip to Nordstrom (also seen in first pic). I'm a big fan of pompom beanies this time of year and these are such great quality, not to mention, adorable! ;)


Another cozy and soft must-have for braving these frigid temps is this pullover from Abercrombie & Fitch. I posted a pic of this last week on Instagram and made a joke about how I hadn't shopped at A&F since like middle school... the comments from others feeling the same way were so hilarious to read. But it's true! Abercrombie is cool again! And this pullover is the best.


These cute little earrings were in my last Rocksbox and the color and style immediately spoke to me! If you haven't noticed, I sort of love a good statement earring. You can see them in this picture and how they add a fun pop of color to whatever you're wearing. As a jewelry girl, I've really loved using Rocksbox the last few months. If you want to try it out, your first month is free with the code alexmariejordanxoxo!


This isn't a fashion item, but if you read my New Year's Resolutions post earlier this week, you know that I make reading goals for myself each year. I got this book as a gift right before Christmas and decided it'd be the first one I cracked open in 2018. As a Baylor grad and ex-Wacoan, I'm obviously big Magnolia/Fixer Upper/Gaines family lover. And OMG can we all take a moment to squeal over their recent baby #5 announcement?! In all seriousness, I read The Magnolia Story as soon as it came out and am loving Chip's story in this one. Highly recommend if you're a fangirl like me!

Now I've got a challenge for you... I dare you to comment below with one thing YOU'RE loving this week! It can be an activity, fashion item, book, TV show, food or beverage... whatever it is, I want to hear it. You're up! 

xx Alex

PS - "Friday Favorites" seems kind of like an obvious and boring title haha, so if we're really going to make this a staple over here, I'd love a catchier phrase. Got an idea? Comment below, shoot me an email, DM me over on Instagram... however your heart desires to get in touch! I may have to do something fun for whoever helps me out! :)