Workout Playlist


Hey friends! We're officially home from our amazing trip to Hawaii and still feeling a little sad about it haha! But good news, it's Friday! I'll be sharing more about our trip soon but until then, I thought a little Fitness Friday post might be fun!

Music is super important to me and I seriously cannot workout without good tunes! Anyone else with me? Spotify seems like the easiest way to share music with y'all, so all you need to do is search for my Spotify username, which is alexmariejordan (creative, huh?) ;) To search for a user, find the magnifying glass at the top, click and type in the username! Easy peasy! I have a few playlists there, which you're of course free to check out, but the one I'm talking about today is called "workout".


You'll find a little bit of everything here but generally speaking, when I'm working out, I want to hear upbeat, pop music! The tempo of songs is also a little random because when I'm working out at home or the gym (aka not at pure barre) I do a lot of HIIT and circuit training. I like to mix up the songs and tempo based on what I'm doing!

What kind of music do y'all listen to when working out? And if you have Spotify, share your username below. I'd love to follow you, too!