Girly Gadgets

Happy Monday, friends! We're headed to Detroit tomorrow and while prepping to pack up for a quick trip, I got to thinking about some of my go-to gadgets for travel (and life in general)!

Being married to a tech genius slash software salesman, I've grown quite fond of techie gadgets in my everyday life, and while that may sound super nerdy, I'm here to share with you how to have your cake and eat it too (in the form of CUTE gadgets!) ;)

Two main qualifiers for this list: 1) must be practical (duh) and 2) as promised, must be cute and appropriate for a girly girl like myself (and you!)

1. I love this cord organizer, especially for travel, as you can neatly roll up all your cords in one place! I use something similar to keep my cords grouped together during travel, but this makes it even easier!

2. My #1 pick on this list (and coincidentally the cheapest item, too!) is a "lipstick" portable charger. Michael and I never travel without one or two of these and this is the exact one I have - told you gadgets can be cute! *Do note that other cords might need to be purchased depending on your device (i.e. the one included doesn't fit an iPhone 7, so you have to get that separately!)

3. If you're prone to losing track of your keys, wallet, purse, etc... the Tile is for you! I've never actually had to use mine, as I don't misplace things very often, but I do have a Tile on my keys just in case! :)

4. I get asked about my phone case ALL the time and love talking about it because the artwork was done by my good friend, Katherine Miller Knuth. I shared all about her and her amazing art in a blog post you can read here!

5. This luggage by Away is the next big thing in travel trends for sure! The matte look is super cool and durable, the design is very functional and practical with all of its compartments, and best of all, it has its own charging station built in. How much more innovative can a piece of luggage get!? 

6. Another cool charging gadget is this TAG Cable that loops around any bag or purse and conveniently conceals two different charging connectors. This would be perfect to put onto a purse or even a keychain. Its pretty leather design makes it look expensive and it's definitely understated in terms of being a piece of technology!

7. White marble is SO in right now and I'm all about it. I've been thinking about getting a case of some sort for my laptop and this one is at the top of my list currently! I love how a simple design and tool like this can even elevate the look of a computer. 

8. Another favorite item on this list and in general are wireless headphones. I use these when working out and it's seriously such a game changer to not have a cord dangling around you! Definitely a bit pricey, but so worth it in my opinion!

I promise you these items will make your life easier while still looking cute and not making you feel overly geeky or clunky! ;) What do you think!?