End of Summer Steals

It's crazy to think that summer is basically over and most kids are already back in school! Where did the time go!? I am one of those girls who is always somewhat eager for summer to end so we can get right to fall (my favorite season!) I don't know what the weather is like where y'all live but here in St. Louis it is usually SO hot and humid during July/August that by the time September rolls around, we are all praising temperatures below 80 degrees! 

Another thing I love about fall is the fashion! I am a boots with dresses and oversized sweaters kind of girl and get SO excited when the weather is cool enough to switch out my wardrobe. Until then, I've been browsing some last minute summer picks that are all on sale (!!!) but would be perfect transitional pieces for moving into fall.

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I always love to take advantage of end of a season sales and think through how I can maximize wearing those items through the "in-between" weeks! I think ALL of these would be amazing for that and could be easily worn right into fall/winter. Happy shopping! ;)