Easy Project: DIY Memo Board


Hi friends! Today I wanted to share probably the easiest (and one of the cheapest) DIY projects I've ever completed. It's this super cute chicken wire memo board! I honestly get questions about this little cutie every time someone comes over to our house. 

There are a couple ways you can complete this board: either buy a frame and just take the glass out OR if you're super handy, you can build your own very basic wooden frame and use that! I had a large frame that didn't have anything in it, so that's what I ended up using but I've recently put a bug in Michael's ear about possibly making me another one! ;)

Once you decide on your frame, you literally only need 4 other things: chicken wire, a staple gun, hanging hardware (if not already included with or attached to a purchased frame) and some mini clothespins. 

We laid the frame face down, stapled chicken wire to the back and then cut it down to the right size. Since this was a purchased frame, it came with hanging hardware already attached (yay!) and then I found the cutest little clothespins from Michael's to hang everything up with.

As you can see, I hang everything from wedding, party, and shower invitations to concert tickets and random pictures. We put anything important on our board because it's at the bottom of the stairs and right by the door that leads out to the garage... aka we see it all the time, so nothing on there gets forgotten! Possibly my favorite thing to do with this is hang all the Christmas cards we get each year! :) I also love changing out mini wreaths and other fun decorative items depending on the time of year.

Hopefully this has inspired you to maybe give this project a try. I promise it's SO simple and can easily be completed for under $20, which in my book is a huge win! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest in order to stay up-to-date with other fun ideas like this one!