Summer Bucket List

Hi friends! It's the first official day of summer (hallelujah!) so I thought it'd be fun to share some things I've got on my bucket list this summer season! We have some really fun travel plans as well as some projects we're hoping to accomplish around the house. Either way, this summer is going to be busy, but super fun, and I'm excited to bring y'all along for the ride!

1. Go boating - I LOVE the water and we love spending time with my family on Table Rock Lake here in Missouri. I know I'll be able to check this one off but am eager to get down there! 

2. Outdoor movie night - St. Louis has a bunch of cool options for this type of thing during the summer, whether it's in our own little town's square or the Art Hill Film Series in Forest Park. Definitely need to make this happen at least once!

3. Paint our basement - Slightly less exciting but we've talked about redoing our basement lately and finally making it a functional space, so I'm excited about this little project. 

4. Make homemade lemonade - This was Michael's idea and I fully support it! This recipe sounds divine...

5. Go on a bike ride - I love riding bikes but never do it, so I decided this summer it's actually going to happen! Who's with me!?

6. Eat lots of ice cream ;) - Because, duh!

7. Finish my home office - Another practical, but fun, project on the horizon. Getting the upstairs office reorganized and feeling more like "my" space, so I can enjoy working there. Loving pretty prints from Scarlet & Gold and Sincerely Us and am thinking of adding some like it to the space!

8. Watch fireworks - This should be pretty easy with the 4th of July coming up...!

What's on your to-do list this summer!?