What's In My Gym Bag

Maybe it's just me, but I'm always super curious to hear about anything related to health and fitness. I love reading what others have to say about their nutrition and workout routines, so I thought it'd be fun to share what I keep in my gym bag on a regular basis. 

I teach (and attend class) at my local Pure Barre studio several times a week, but I'm also a member of a regular gym where I do strength training, HIIT, and cardio. On the days I'm at the gym, I like to get in and out pretty quick, so making sure I have all the necessities in my bag is a must!

Some of the must haves for my gym bag are a toiletry bag, tennis shoes, wireless headphones, sweatshirt or long sleeve, water bottle, and headband. 

I would call myself a Nike girl as they are by far my favorite workout shoes of any I've tried! I love this pair of Nike Tanjuns because they're super lightweight and can also be worn casually with shorts or dresses in the summer. 

Second to a good pair of shoes, I need a good playlist! These Powerbeats Wireless headphones were a gift from my sweet husband and are the best invention ever. It's so nice to be able to run, lift weights, or do whatever, without having a wire running down my back. It's a slight investment, but I swear, they're worth every penny!

Final mention here is this awesome Brita water bottle that has a built in filter, meaning you can fill up all day with tap water and filter out anything bad right in the bottle! :) It's a great size and goes with me to and from workouts, in the car, and all around the house. So good!

The toiletries I keep in my gym bag are essential to helping me freshen up quickly and get on my way after a workout. My top picks for packing your gym bag are:

1. Face wipes - I love having a travel pack of facial wipes with me at all times. I typically use these right after a workout before showering. Gotta keep those pores clean! :)

2. Razor - My absolute favorite razors are from Dollar Shave Club. Ladies, these are not just for your guys! I have one in my bathroom, travel bag, and gym bag. They are seriously better than any other razor I've ever used.

3. Mascara - I rarely wear a "full face" look when it comes to makeup but I also rarely go a day without wearing mascara. It's the easiest and best way to open up the eyes and makes me feel a little more awake. Throw a tube in your gym bag and you'll be able to feel fresh and a little more glam in seconds!

4. BB cream - A good BB/CC cream or something lightweight is the perfect thing to keep in your gym bag. Throw this and some mascara on after a workout and be ready to go in less than two minutes. 

5. Dry shampoo - Obviously a given if you aren't going to have time to wash your hair. I love this one by Acure because it's organic and super clean. I usually have the bottle for brunettes but just ran out, so this is my backup bottle. I pick this up at Whole Foods but it can also be ordered online.

6. Face mist - The best way to either set your makeup (if you've got time to totally get ready before heading out) or just hydrate your face is with a good mist. I love this Pixi Glow Mist... it leaves a nice dewy finish and feels so refreshing! 

7. Hairbrush - Another given, especially if you're showering at the gym. I swear by Wet Brushes and found this mini version at Target a few months back. Perfect addition for my gym toiletry bag! 

What items are a must for you at the gym?!