Hosting A Baby Shower


It seems that baby season is in full swing (at least in my world!) and I've had the privilege of celebrating many mamas-to-be over the last few months, none more important than my sister-in-law and best friend, Jenna. You see, Jenna and I have been best friends since high school and we ended up marrying brothers, making us sisters. Crazy, we know! 

My little niece will be making her entrance into the world any day now, so what better time to look back on this fun shower and share 3 shower planning tips with y'all!?


It's always fun to come up with a theme that matches mom's personality or nursery. We came up with the idea of hosting a brunch for baby, which included all the yummy breakfast treats like donuts, mimosas and homemade cinnamon roll casserole.

Think through what kinds of food or activities your guest of honor might be into and plan something fun and creative around that! 


Going along with the theme, decorating is often time one of the more fun aspects of throwing a party! :) We chose to play off of the nursery, which has a lot of soft pinks, greens and florals, along with the invitation we had chosen. We kept decor fairly simple here but added touches of color and that floral motif throughout.


This is where you can get super creative and thoughtful with your party throwing! For instance, I know that Jenna is a big fan of donuts, so I knew we had to have some sort of cute donut item for our brunch. These skewers turned out really cute and were a yummy treat for all! 

My favorite thing we did were the wish cards for Annie, my future niece! I saw a similar idea on Pinterest and recreated my own version for Jenna's shower. It was so sweet to see her friends and family filling out these cards (and hanging them back up, which made for a super easy and adorable decorative touch!) and I know she had a great time reading them later on. 

This was such a fun way to celebrate Jenna and Annie and now we're just so excited to meet her! Any advice for a first-time auntie!? I can't wait!! :)