Summer Reading List

I've truly become an avid reader the last year or two and love nothing more than curling up with a good book before bed or while laying by the pool. With summer creeping up on us, I thought it'd be a fun time to share our summer reading lists! Here's what I've read recently and what's waiting on my nightstand.

1. Looking for Lovely by Annie Downs - I've heard Annie on a few podcasts and have been so intrigued by her sense of humor and wisdom. This book has been on my "to read" list for a while, so I'm looking forward to finally getting to it this summer!

2. Wild and Free by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan - I've also been waiting to read Wild and Free for some time after finding Jess Connolly on social media and falling in love with her precious family and life in Charleston, SC.

3. My Heart by Julie Manning - Just finished this one and LOVED it! Cried my way through the letters she's written to her boys at the end of each chapter. So so good!

4. For the Love by Jen Hatmaker - I read For the Love two summers ago on a beach vacation and loved it so much that I decided I wanted to read it again this summer. Jen's style of writing is honest, funny and super relatable, which I love.

5. Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist - It seems like everyone and their mom is reading this one right now, so I've decided to hop on board! Bread and Wine is one of my most favorite books of all time, so I'm sure I won't be disappointed here.

Other honorable mentions...

- Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty - Just binged this in three days!

- Restless by Jennie Allen

- The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

- Your Beautiful Heart by Lauren Scruggs Kennedy - I seriously love this girl and her story so much! Dying to read this one!

- At Home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider

Are y'all big readers?! I'm always looking for new books to add to my Goodreads list, so please share your favorites with me, too! :)